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World's Highest Bungy Jump

Free falling 216 meters off the Bloukrans Bridge – there is nothing, but wind in my face and adrenaline in my veins. The air smells of sea salt and fear. No where to go, but down. Down toward the valley. Panic. Adrenaline. Fear. Joy.

5 seconds later…

I feel the bungy pull against my chest. Reality sets back in; I am strapped in like a baby in a carseat. There is nothing to do, but ride the waves – up & down & up & down. Flying through the air like a bird without a destination. My mind is clear. Nothing can touch me.

Then the moving stops. I am suspended upside down in the air by one cord. What is up is down and what is down is up. I see the ocean; it looks so calm and blue.

I wait.

At last, I am being lifted back up to the bridge. Half way up, I am attached to the bridge and detached from the bungy. I land on the bridge once again and the adrenaline has me glowing. I am all smiles.

The future doesn’t seem to scary after all. 60 seconds. That’s all it took to change my perspective.