London, England

10 Dec 2015


I spent a semester abroad in London, England and it changed my life for the better. I came back to America a much more humble, appreciative and mature woman. 


While being in London I have learned:

  • It will rain when you least expect it

  • The tube is really hot and will stop whenever it is least convenient for you

  • Bikes will run you over

  • Pounds are much more expensive than dollars

  • Indian food is devine

  • It will take 3 different tubes to go 2 miles

  • No one actually calls the bathroom the “water closet”

  • Establishments barely take credit cards and when they do, they never take American Express

  • Everything is expensive

  • Bumble is a great way to meet British men

  • Dryers don’t really exist

  • Everything is a scam

  • A night out will cost you at least 40 Pounds… that’s over $60

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a club promoter, it doesn’t help because they barely supply any alcohol

  • Everyone is always dressed nicely (suits on suits on suits)

  • Cabs are expensive

  • & I could go on forever…

Take a look into my first few weeks!




Watch my video diary from my first month in London.



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