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Munich, Germany

What's the main place young college students want to go when they're in Europe? Oktoberfest! My only complaint was the 20 hour bus ride I took there and back... and the tents... and the cold... :) Prost!

I wrote something in the Notes app on my phone on the way back to London.

"Currently staring at a sunset in Germany...

Isn't it crazy how life happens? I am on a bus, on my way back to London from Germany.

Germany, what a place. Full of friendly people and a new language. The city kind enough to have hosted thousands for Oktoberfest. A place where I experienced new things and pushed my limits.

London, the place I have learned to call my home. A city thriving with new. A place that has given me more in this one month then I could have ever asked for. I have a home there. & I have never been more grateful.

Sunsets are fascinating. The sun sets in order to gear up for the new day. A new day always comes. They are consistent. Everywhere. Everyday. Day. After. Day.

There aren't many things that stay the same from day to day. Life is always shifting, changing, rotating, expanding. You never know what you're going to get. That's the joy of life right? The exciting part?

But every night, there's a sunset. So beautiful. So pure. So consistent. So comforting.

& those are the little joys of life. The little things that make each day worth living. That make each day special.

Whether it's Syracuse or Germany, the sun still sets and a new day follows. New chances, new experiences, new. Aren't you excited?"

Watch my video diary below!

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