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There comes a point in a young girl’s life, when she’s given the opportunity to do something she’s never done before, in a place that is nowhere close to home. And then there comes a point, when she must throw caution to the wind and go for it, no matter how frightened she is.

This summer I decided I needed a change of pace, so I took off to LA. Being from New Jersey and going to school in New York, snow is all I know. That being said, 90 degree summers are something I don't! Never the less, I packed up the biggest suitcase I owned and headed west.

The day before I started at Open Road Films, I was nervous, but felt okay since I had previously worked in the music industry... boy was I wrong. The next day, I was immediately swept up into the madness that is the film industry. It is very fast pace and super exciting! Everyday was something new with booking film festival appearances and flights, to San Diego Comic Con press, to movie posters, premiers and viewings.

Open Road Films became more than an internship and a place of work, it has become my intellectual playground; it is the place where I am heard as often as I am taught. I feel useful, practical and part of something bigger than myself. One could argue that I am merely an intern in an office of over 50 working on movies that don’t get released for over a year. And that’s it, it’s just movies. And, on the surface, that’s true.

During this summer I did a lot of research and learned how to meet deadlines. I discovered how many people it actually takes to market a movie and how much time goes into it. Even after all the work, you never know how the movie will do or who it'll appeal to.

However, what is below the surface is what truly means something – the kindness that is offered by every individual, the positive energy that flows through the office like a drug and the can-do attitude that every staff member possess on a daily basis. I have gained mentors and I have gained friends.

I loved being able to watch the movies months before release and having that secret of knowing what the final product was before premiere day. Rock the Kasba, Spotlight, Snowden, Bleed for This, and Fifty Shades of Black were all the movies happening during my time at Open Road.

A movie is not just a two hour story. It is a creation of genius that undergoes countless minuscule tasks simultaneously. Every move is calculated down to the T, but also weighed in it’s affect on the future. It’s almost like the process of life – weighing each individual decision against many others – when to do it, how to do it, who to include – and then using that to predict how the future will play out.

The highlight of the summer came many months after the summer concluded when Spotlight won the Oscar for Best Picture. I WAS APART OF THAT! Yes, my roles were small, but the heart warming satisfaction I received when I heard the award announced is unlike anything I've experienced before. So much pride!

This is a place of learning, both for executives and interns. This is a place that accepts failure and focuses on the lesson. This is a place where I have put my abilities to the test and been pleasantly surprised.

To say that I’m going to miss the Open Road Films family is an understatement. I cannot say enough ‘thank you’s.

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