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Your Party Station, Z89

wjpz - z89 radio | Syracuse, NY

I wasn't apart of WJPZ for a long time; I didn't join until Spring of my Junior year, 2016. However, the spirit of this station, the history behind it and the professional students a part of it made this experience one of my favorite during college.

The entire staff of WJPZ is about 40-50 people, meaning a lot of opinions and a lot of ideas. I joined and immediately was put on-air and on the social media team, but found that I was no good on-air because of my need to ramble and was more suited toward graphics and digital media. I loved it! I started as the graphic designer and quickly moved up to the Director of Social Media. My team and I led ticket giveaways, contests, and even pranks. The best part of my time at WJPZ was when we converted the station to all breakup & Taylor Swift songs during April Fools day and called it Z89 the split. It began a week before, leading up to a big, secret "change" and ended with hosting a day wide prank on our listeners and viewers. Truly one of the funniest campaigns I've ever been apart of.

WJPZ is a functioning FM station which reports to the FCC and a board of trustees. The station has decades of alumni, in a variety of fields, readily available for anything the students need. I was intimidated to say the least. I quickly learned that the people apart of the station, and even alumni, were my biggest resource learning the station and succeeding at spreading awareness online. There were panels assembled of alumni at Facebook, iHeart Radio and more to learn from and that assisted in helping me become a better leader.

Some of my posts are below, but what hasn't been captured are the memories of hosting events with my fellow staff members at campus wide events, local events and county wide fairs. I loved my time at WJPZ and cannot thank the staff enough for bringing me in and letting me be apart of their community.

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