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Boston University

I packed up my life after college & moved to Boston to delay the real world... I mean go to grad school.

A 10 month master's program made up of 30 students with 3 program professors is very different from being in the iSchool at Syracuse with hundreds of people in my major and 50+ professors. I didn't attend to do more homework or because I love taking tests, but rather because I felt like there was more I could learn before I entered the work force.

Learning how to think bigger.

The learning style there is very different, or maybe it's the difference between Undergraduate and Graduate level. There was more discussion, more research, more expectation and a deep dive into material under the surface. I learned media, plain and simple - What is it, how does it work, why do people use it, what can it do for us? It's broad and it's new. I learned to think critically about media and why it is the way it is and where it could possibly go. Some of my classes consisted of Psychology of Media, Gamification, Research Methods, Networks, History of Media, & more.


Grad school doesn't come without a lot of real world projects. I created and wrote a proposal about a possible rating application that would donate money to charity with each positive review to spread positivity and love to business owners. I did an analytical research analysis on data collected surrounding the 2016 election Democratic voters using SPSS. I created a design for an exercise application that would have video tutorials and teach individuals a variety of exercises they could do to stay fit and be healthy. I wrote a research study about Emojis and the usefulness or uselessness surrounding them. I partnered with Jack Morton/Genuine to complete a social media analysis of 2017 top 100 brands to figure out customer satisfaction and how to more easily rank companies in the future based on customer love. I created 5 graphic design projects with three different Adobe programs. I was the Project Manager for #Screentime, which is the masters students workshop where we showcase our work, PHD Student work and professional work. I am redesigning the Western African Research Association website to be more interactive, as well as the Emerging Media Studies program website to better assist current and future students. I did all of this in 10 months! Not included: homework, reading, tests, class.


Editorial Assistant, Center for Mobile Communication Services

Marketing Assistant, School of Communication Special Projects

Research Assistant, Jacob Groshek Ph.D

Marketing, Making Social Media Matter

Masters in Emerging Media Studies