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Orange TV Network

Entertainment media had become a passion of mine throughout college after spending time at a record label, a film company and a radio station. I had always known about Orange TV Network being on campus, but never had much interaction with it since I wasn't in Newhouse School of Communications. However, I found myself in Andy Robinson's office in the Spring of 2016, pitching ideas for the promotion and social media channels of the station.

Orange TV Network is played on all televisions around Syracuse campus and was moving toward expanding to the entire Syracuse area. It has real shows, all written and created by students covering a variety of topics, sports announcing, and even a Live show every Sunday night. As one of the top student run television stations in the country, how could I not join?!

Throughout the Fall of 2016 and the Spring of 2017, I created a promotions plan, expanded our resources, reached more students on campus, began Facebook Live events during campus events and our live show, and expanded our social media following. This was one of my most challenging experiences yet because of the fast pace and the weight I held on my shoulders. I had experience leading my sorority, but it's much more challenging knowing things wouldn't run if I didn't initiate them.

OTN was selected as the best student TV station by NY Festivals at a ceremony in Las Vegas on April 27, 2017. I'm so proud!