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Take A Break

I went to my toughest spin class on Tuesday. I went in with low energy and not much excitement, but I was determined to do the class because If I don’t show up, I get charged ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so anyway, the beginning of class was okay, I got into the music and the teacher was so motivating. During the middle of the session, my knees started to ache. I have weak knees and extensive exercise was never something I got into so they’re not used to the work. During the last song of class, the instructor decided to share a personal anecdote. She said “I don’t like to talk about me in my classes because this time is about you, but I just have something I want to share.” She began to talk about how her fiancé and her won’t be together for the next 6 months and how stressed out and sad she was about it. And she got so sad and down on herself, she decided to go to spin to work off steam, but ended up working her body too hard and injuring herself. She proceeded to tell us that unlike her, we deserved a break, a rest day. No one needs to be go go go 100% of the time. Take a break and rest your body, it’ll thank you for it. So the next day, I took a break. I missed my scheduled exercise and I rested. And I was antsy. How am I going to burn off my stress? How am I going to keep my habit? Breaking my schedule isn’t something I like. But, truth is, I needed to take a break & my body was begging me too by coming out in injury. Take care of yourself, take a rest day and treat your body right because it’s the only one you have.  

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